The Ember Awards, an Alberta-wide digital awards night, were this past Saturday and we were honoured to receive our first award! A custom inventory management system we created for local business Nothing But Tires won for “Best Software and Applications”.

About our Award

As explained on Digital Alberta’s website, this award means “most useful mobile app, desktop or web-based software”. Our Nothing But Tires application took a clunky, time-consuming business process and streamlined it. Instead of manually filtering and sorting Excel spreadsheets, Nothing But Tires now clicks a single button and all tires of the same brand and size get combined into full sets (rather than pairs). There are also custom search fields built in to help both clients on the front-end and employees on the back-end find the specific tires they are looking for. Learn more about the project on our post.

The Ember Awards

The Ember Awards are put on by Digital Alberta, and “celebrate digital excellence from individuals and organizations across Alberta”. They hold submissions in a variety of categories, including web development, education and e-learning, art and content, marketing, gaming, software and devices, and students and schools. They also lined up 21 judges from all over North America to review the submissions, and after submitting our work, we were fortunate enough to win!

Thank you, Digital Alberta!

Digital Alberta is a nonprofit organization focused on connecting and promoting Alberta’s digital community. They hold events, promote events, and have an online directory where clients can find local businesses and freelancers suited to their project needs. Check out our directory listing here.

We’re proud of the growth our team has gone through over the past couple of years. We have more developers than ever before, an in-house designer, SEO and marketing services for our ongoing clients, and plenty of room to grow. It’s encouraging to be recognized for our primary discipline and with an industry award under our belts, we’re even more excited for our future.

Also, a huge thank you to Jordan from Nothing But Tires for being such a collaborative client. We’re grateful to have turned his excel spreadsheets into a database and continue working with him on customizations as his business continues to grow.

Please note: The header image of this post is from The Ember Awards main page, on Digital Alberta’s website.