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The local team that understands big results.

We are Proudly Albertan

PDERAS Consulting Group has been providing high-quality digital services for over a decade. Proudly based out of Edmonton, Alberta we continue to showcase cutting edge business solutions, application development, and website development. The majority of our clients are local business owners or larger corporations based out of Edmonton and Calgary. Our company has a specific focus in terms of our business scope, and we are upfront with potential clients about what our business scope is. We won’t claim to do it all for you, but we will claim to do our part incredibly well. Those other aspects, although we may not do them in-house, we can manage for you through our extended business network. We’ve been in the industry long enough to locate and work with like-minded, specialized companies.

We firmly believe that Alberta, specifically Edmonton, produces businesses showcasing the highest level of entrepreneurial spirit. Combine this with local talent that can match any other large city and you have no need to look elsewhere for services. All of our business partners and subcontractors are also locally based and share our high standards. You don’t need to be in Silicon Valley to build great products.

PDERAS Consulting

We Create Lasting Business Relationships

Fundamental to our business is establishing long term relationships with our clients. We understand how the digital and technology industry shifts, sometimes in unexpected directions, and that it is critical for us to work alongside our clients through these changes. The only way to do this is to form lasting business relationships that extend beyond the original project scope and utilize technologies and systems that are flexible, adaptable and scalable.

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PDERAS cyclical process development cycle

We Employ Agile Development and Open Communication

In the digital world, ideas progress and change quickly. That is why we take an agile development approach to all our projects. This means you are involved in the project from start to finish. There are clear check points within the project that you, the client, has to approve before we move on. We want you to love every single part of the product you are paying for and we ensure this by keeping you involved.

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