We’re hiring an Administrative Assistant

Hiring an administrative assistant | Edmonton, Alberta

Our team is growing again! This time, we are looking to hire an administrative assistant to join our established (over a decade in business) web development company.

This role will cover much more than simply answering our phone. Most of our client work consists of developing online website applications, and we need someone to user test them. User testing means looking over our projects and alerting our design and development teams about bugs or points of confusion an end user may go through. Your tasks will also include checking over spreadsheets of data to ensure they are manipulated correctly.

We’ll also need you to order our weekly groceries and provide input on things like blog and social media posts. Depending on your background, we might even get you to provide feedback on design iterations as we start new projects. Basically, we’re looking for an intelligent, motivated individual to help us fill in the gaps within our organization.

Ideal Technology Experience

Adobe Suite
Adobe Suite

Ideal Mindset and Abilities

  • extremely high attention to detail
  • a friendly and positive demeanour
  • able to identify problems and confusion points within online applications and websites quickly
  • able to document the problems and brainstorm solutions
  • effective communication skills overall
  • able to learn new skills quickly and apply them
  • able to switch between tasks rapidly, as required
  • able to work independently and as part of a team
  • able to consistently write without spelling or grammar errors

Bonus Attributes

  • a certificate, diploma or degree in a related field (administration, computer science, data entry, design, etc.)

Additional Information

This is an entry level position that would, over time and with your input, morph into a more refined sector of our business. You will have the opportunity to gain more tasks and evolve within this role as our organization continues to grow.

If this sounds like a job suited for you, contact us.

Please forward your questions and resumes to nathan.plumb[@]pderas.com.

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