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Project Description

The Project

A website design and development project for the Alberta Soccer Association that included over 100 pages of content and information.

The Alberta Soccer Association is the largest sporting association in the province. As a result, they provide services and resources to a wide range of website users, for many different purposes. When we designed and developed their website we recognized that properly distributing all of this information would be critically important. When the website design process was completed, the site contained over 100 pages of content not including blogs, articles, or posts.

The website was developed using WordPress as a platform. WordPress allowed us to utilize a user friendly administrator interface that made it easy for the ASA staff to make updates and changes to the website themselves. This independence was critical to the long term success of the project.

Alberta soccer association responsive website design by pderas consulting

Working with PDERAS to develop our website has been stress free and enjoyable. We love that we can manage and work on our website without having to ask anyone for help. We would recommend PDERAS to develop or work on any website or web development related project.

Lindsay-Anne Freire - Director of Partnerships & Communications, Alberta Soccer Association

Helping Alberta’s largest sporting association provide online support and information to its members

We took the time to break down a large website into user friendly components and allow for the most effective method of relaying information to a user.

The website contains a number of integrations and customizations including a custom field locator that connects directly with GoogleMaps and a customized media library to handle the organization of  all the documents required to be stored on the website. It is a fully responsive website meaning it looks great on all screen sizes and devices. We also developed a user access portal for district soccer association members.

It was a lot of fun getting to work with the Alberta Soccer Association on this project. The unique challenge of this website development project was the size of the site along with the amount of information and documents required to be housed within it. We are incredibly proud of the results and believe that the website will continue to grow with the ASA long into the future.

Alberta soccer association responsive website design pderas consulting


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